We are all ready to place bets on the victory of our favorite team. But the teams may be equal in strength, and none of them will miss a single goal. Have you ever thought about betting on a draw? If not, now is the time to consider this possibility and place a draw prediction for today.


After all, betting on a draw allows you to get a completely new and exciting experience. Besides, draws are quite common in sports matches. Also, draw bets usually have good odds. Thus, draw prediction is a great way to match your favorite team and diversify your sports betting experience. Fortunately, at Parimatch you have the opportunity to try this type of bet. In some sports, a draw is encountered very often, for example in football. And in sports such as basketball or esports, a draw is much less common. However, only on Parimatch, you can place a variety of bets on your favorite sports around the world.

How do you place such bets, you ask? What is the secret of betting on a draw? What are the pros and cons of this type of bet? How to win by placing a bet on a draw? All your questions are answered by the Parimatch team of experts in our comprehensive guide. Read our selection of draw tips and you can bet without fear of losing.

What Is Draw Prediction?

A draw bet means that you bet on the fact that in the final of the match both teams will have an equal score. Usually, players do not often bet on a draw as they think that this happens quite rarely and do not want to rely on luck. But in reality, it all depends on what sport you bet on and what teams are playing.

For example, in football over the past decade, 25% of English Premier League games have ended in a draw. This is too high a figure to ignore. In addition, such an indicator distorts the odds if you place 1X2 bets. Considering that a quarter of all matches end with a draw, allows you to make the right conclusions and place a winning draw bet of the day.


If you make a draw prediction for today, you should understand how such an outcome of the match can affect the team’s final result in the season or at least the game. You should learn to identify the key features of matches that end in a draw, then you will be more likely to correctly predict the outcome of the game. Usually, teams that are fighting for the championship in the league or trying to protect themselves from relegation play very differently. So a team that wants to be the leader will play more aggressively than a team participating in a friendly match. Also, teams of equal strength often end the match with a draw.

An interesting fact is that in some cases a draw is the preferred outcome for the teams themselves. Especially often you can find such outcomes, for example, in the French Ligue 2 or the Italian Serie B. It sometimes happens that the lower-end football teams prefer even one point to nothing at all, in such cases, a draw is a preferable option over the fight for victory since it suits both teams.

Draw betting can be a great source of profit if you know how it works. You need to learn the draw tips, how to spot the signs of a potential draw before the match starts, etc. This way you can make good profits due to the high odds of the draw.

On the draw prediction site Parimatch you can place live, pre-match, and virtual draw bets. Complete team statistics and history are at your disposal so you can make a winning pre-match draw bet based on the team's previous experience. You also have the opportunity to make a live bet on a draw already during the match if you understand that an equal score may remain until the final of the game. And if the match you need is still waiting for a long time, you can always bet on a draw in virtual sports. Either way, betting on a today draw prediction can bring you high profits and a lot of fun.


Sure Draw Betting Tips

For draw predictions, as for any other types of bets, social strategies have been developed that allow you to get the most out of your bet. By following our advice, you are more likely to be able to place a winning draw bet. Why not try one of these tips to bet on a draw on the Parimatch sports platform?

Emphasize motivation

A common mistake in choosing a team on which you want to bet with a draw is to opt for teams that have the same rating and strength. In this case, such a strategy will not pay off because the teams that are next to each other in the standings will fight either to win or to keep their place. Thus, you need to find those teams that will receive their own benefit from ending the match in a draw.

Let's take an example from a Premier League match between Arsenal and Newcastle. For example, both teams have the same score in the tournament table. On the one hand, it is good for Newcastle, and on the other hand, it is bad for Arsenal, which is usually in the top five. Thus, a draw is not profitable for these teams, and accordingly, it is not reasonable to bet on such a match.

Fewer goals, more chances

If you are betting on a draw then you might think that picking teams that score and hit a lot is a good idea. But in fact, the statistics say that the fewer goals scored in a match, the greater the likelihood of a draw. Of course, there are times when the game ends with a score of 3:3 or 4:4, but the more likely outcome is 1:1 or 2:2. Based on this, it is more expedient to bet on a game with a strong defense and fewer goals than on a game with a high score.

Consecutive draws

This approach takes into account consecutive draws, which are also called "Stacked on Draws". This means that the team ended in a draw several times in a row. Consecutive draws can tell you a lot about a coach's strategy and team performance. It so happens that the team is quite happy with the receipt of one point, so it agrees to a draw. Thus, if you notice that a team repeatedly ends matches with a draw, then perhaps this is a clear strategy of the coach and this team will do it again.

Past results

Many players mistakenly believe that it is not necessary to study the statistics and history of teams. But if you look at the teams' past performance, you will find that there is a clear tendency to end up with draws. Last year, Wolverhampton and Manchester United have drawn most of their matches. It was only in the last match that Manchester United barely won the Wolves match due to the fact that VAR rejected the Wolves goal. Based on this, such a pair of teams would be a great today’s draw prediction because they play with equal forces and their matches often end in a draw.


Progressive draw betting strategy

Progressive draw betting is one of the most popular types of bets among players. In this case, you have a great chance of a big win, but at the same time, there are very big risks of losing everything. Thus, if you do not keep track of your spending, you can end up spending literally your entire bank.

The point is to raise your draw if the bet loses. With this strategy, players are betting on consecutive draws. For example, you made a bet of 300 NGN on the first draw, and if at the end of the game there is no draw, your bet loses. Then you bet 450 NGN on a draw. Thus, if you win, you will return the lost amount. But if the rate burns out, you will need to bet 675 NGN for the upcoming game. For everything to work out, you should look for matches with the same odds for a draw, best of all 3.00.

Such bets can cover your losses, but at the same time, the amount of the bet grows very quickly.

Pros and Cons of Draw Prediction

Draw betting is a good alternative to the usual types of bets. Moreover, draws in matches are not at all uncommon. Such bets bring good profits since the odds are usually quite high and if you know how to place bets on a draw correctly, you have every chance to make good money on it by doing draw prediction today. For now, let's take a look at the pros and cons of draw betting strategies.

Pros of a draw betting strategy

  • High odds

The biggest advantage of betting on a draw is the high odds, while draws are not uncommon. But even though there are draws, it is often difficult to guess when exactly they will be, that is why the odds are so high. But at the same time, if you compare all the facts and take the correct conclusions, you can win a fairly large amount on this bet.

  • Doing homework pays off

By studying draw bets, you begin to better identify the types of matches that can be tied. The strategies that we described above will help you master statistics and the history of teams and their pairs. The draw is a fairly frequent event in the world of sports, especially in football, they occur in a quarter of all matches. Thus, you can draw predictions for today if you understand the coach's motivation, the behavior of the teams, and their relationships.

  • Progressive bets are safer than Martingale

The Martingale system is a great draw betting system, but it is also more aggressive and you can lose a lot more money on prediction site. Progressive tie bets work by adding half your bet each time and using the Martingale system you double your bet. You can win a lot of money this way, but the risks are extremely high.

  • Draw betting strategies work well for football

If you enjoy watching football and you are betting, then you are lucky. After all, soccer is the most suitable sport for betting on draws. As we already said, about a quarter of all football matches end in a draw, so if you can calculate in which games which teams will draw, you will definitely win.


Cons of draw betting strategies

  • Not all competitions count for draws

It happens that you cannot bet on a draw just because some competitions and cups do not allow such match outcomes. In such cases, teams or athletes must be eliminated after each round. Usually, overtime or a penalty shootout will be awarded under these circumstances.

  • Draw betting does not work in all sports

Draw bets may not be available in every sport. Football draw is much more common than in other sports. For example, in the NBA, draws are common, but such outcomes are a rarity, as in any basketball league. The same situation has developed with esports, thanks to the variety of leagues, teams can get the missing points and do without a draw.

  • What happens that day could change everything

Even though you can study the statistics of teams and their behavior on the field to understand who will play a draw, you can still be wrong. If two teams have often ended games in a draw before, it does not mean that they will play that way again. This can happen at the start of a new season when the team's coach decides to play with a different strategy or introduce new players to the field.

Alternatives to Draw Predictions

If you couldn’t find the draw bet of the day but want an equally exciting experience then the best draw prediction site Parimatch can offer you some alternative types of sports betting.

Double chance betting

This type of bet allows you to bet on two outcomes of a match at the same time. Let's take an example from football draw prediction sites – the match between Croatia and Brazil. In the image below, you can see the doubled odds.


Double chance market on Parimatch


In bets with a double chance, the odds are reduced, but at the same time, the ability to bet on several options for the development of events reduces the risk of loss. Thus, double chance betting can be a good method for you to earn money from sports betting.

Halftime Draw Prediction

Soccer is often referred to as a two-half game because teams tend to play more softly in the first half. Thus, in the first half of the game, the goals scored will be much less than in the second.

Do you ask why this happens if both teams want to win? This is because neither team wants to concede a goal first as they will have to catch up with their rivals for the rest of the game. Thus, both teams in the first half focus on the defense of their gates. So if you want to make a halftime draw prediction, then the best solution for you is to bet on a football draw in the first half.

Full Time Draw Prediction

It's no secret that in the first half, teams try to score fewer goals, which is more likely to lead to a draw. This method is safer when placing pre-match bets.

But if you like to make live bets by watching the game, then you can determine whether there will be a draw in real-time. By looking at the first half, you will most likely be able to determine whether the match will end in a draw. Those matches in which there is little action are likely to end in a draw. It also happens in situations where teams play without overt competition. Based on this, if you like to make live bets, then doing full time draw prediction is exactly the strategy that can lead you to victory.

In the image below, you can see the Half time/Full time odds.


Half time/Full time market on Parimatch



Football Draw Prediction

If you decide to do draw predictions for today in football, then you definitely need to know how to determine before the match whether the desired outcome will be. Statistics say that in a quarter of all soccer matches in the final there is a draw and this makes it easier for you to find the matches you want to bet on. When you have studied all the factors that influence a draw, you can choose a suitable match and place a bet with confidence.

Here are a few draw betting tips that will tell you what you need to look for to correctly identify a draw match.

1. Low scoring matches are more likely to be tied

If we take into account football matches, then the probability of a draw with a large number of goals scored is very small. According to football statistics from 1988 to 2015, it can be understood that draws occur more often in matches with fewer goals. Draw statistics look like this:

  • 0-0 occurs in 7.2% of matches
  • 1: 1 occurs in 11.6% of matches
  • 2-2 occurs in 5.2% of matches
  • 3-3 occurs in 1.1% of matches
  • 4-4 occurs in 0.2% of matches
  • 5-5 occurs in less than 0.1% of matches
  • 6-6 occurs in less than 0.1% of matches

Considering these indicators, we see that a draw with a score of 1:1 is the most common outcome of matches and the indicator does not rise above the score of 2:2. Thus, if there are more than two goals scored in a match, then betting on a football draw prediction is not a good idea.

2. Pick teams from the middle of the table

There is no point in placing bets with a draw on the teams that are in the top positions of the tournament tables. Since the teams in the middle are more likely to draw than the teams in the lead or outsiders. The weaker teams usually do not have the skills to outplay the stronger opponents, and the stronger teams defend against the weaker ones. But if you choose teams that are between strong and weak, then in this case the probability of the outcome of the match with a draw is quite high.

3. Look for teams that will have a draw

It so happens that teams need to get just one point to stay in their position in the standings. If the team is in the last position, even one point can help it stay afloat. You should select for the bet on a draw those teams that are ahead and behind their opponents by several points. But such teams must have at least three points less than those who are higher in the table. Thus, winning will not raise them from higher on the list. Based on this, a pair of teams in an equal position will be satisfied in case of a draw.

4. Choose teams of the same quality

When you bet on draw predictions, you should pay attention to teams that do not differ much in strength. For example, the Wolves and Manchester United play about the same level, so their matches often end in a football draw. And remember that you should not choose teams that compete with each other, even if their skill level is the same. In such cases, each of their teams claims to win and this reduces the chances of a draw.


Can You Profit from Draw Prediction Today?

Draw bets can bring you good profits if you know which sport is best for them. We have already mentioned that betting on a draw in basketball and esports is not a good idea, since a draw is very rare there.

But if we are talking about other sports, soccer is the one to place the best draw prediction. We mentioned above that in the English Premier League, a draw happens in a quarter of all matches, but this tendency is also present for the top leagues of other countries. Thus, based on the statistics of all matches, we can say that every fourth match ends in a draw.

This means you can make big profits by making sure draw prediction. It all depends on your choice. You should pay attention to the teams that are in the middle of the table, as well as those who are equal in strength. This will increase your chances of making a winning draw bet on the best prediction site Parimatch.

Speaking of the profitability of bets on a sure draw prediction, it is definitely much higher than in the case of bets on the victory of individual teams. So if you made the correct prediction, you can get a big win. You can also combine the draw bet with other positions in the system bet so you can increase your profit by multiplying the prediction site odds.

How to Bet on the Draw Prediction Site Parimatch?

The Parimatch platform is the best football draw prediction site in Nigeria. Our application was created specifically for the convenience of our customers. And thanks to the easy-to-use control panel, making a bet from any mobile device has become quite simple. To bet on a draw at Parimatch follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up to Parimatch.
  2. Choose from pre-match, live, or virtual sports betting.
  3. Select the sport you want to bet on.
  4. Choose a tournament or league.
  5. Choose a game.
  6. Find the 1X2 betting option and select "Draw" ("X").
  7. Complete your bet in the betslip.

What Other Types of Bets Can You Make?

Besides draw predictions at Parimatch, you can choose from a wide range of other sports betting types. It all depends on the sport you choose, but usually, our players can choose from:

Summary of The Best Draw Prediction

Draw bets can be a goldmine in the betting world for you. This is because the odds in such bets are much higher due to the riskiness. But if you choose the right sport for this kind of betting then your chances of winning will skyrocket. As we noted earlier, you should not bet with a draw on basketball and cybersports, since in these sports the probability of a draw is minimized.

And the most suitable sport for betting on draw predictions, as we found out, is football. Statistics show that every fourth soccer match ends in a draw. Thus, you have a high probability of winning the bet with high odds. The difficulty lies in choosing the right pair of teams to draw. In this case, you need to avoid matches where teams can score a lot of goals, as well as those games where the teams really need to win. It also does not hurt to study the theory of teams and calculate those that have a tendency to consistently draw.

In order to make your best draw prediction go to the Parimatch website and start winning right now. We provide the ability to place bets quickly and securely, right from your mobile device, wherever you are. Plus, you will be surprised at the number of sports and bet types available at the draw prediction site – Parimatch. So why wait? Bet on your favorite sport and get a lot of fun and good profit!