Are you a gambler in Nigeria looking for a reliable betting site? Well, your most obvious answer should be Parimatch. But, for many people, the question remains, “is Parimatch safe in Nigeria?”

The betting platform offers an exceptional arsenal of sports betting opportunities and an online games. With the platform, you don’t have to go to a physical betting house or gaming room. So, you can bet and play online games on the go anywhere you are in the country.

Still, it’s a good idea to ensure that Parimatch is safe and legal in Nigeria. So, check out this guide to find out if Parimatch is a legal and safest online platform or not.

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Is Parimatch Legal in Nigeria?

Parimatch is certainly legal in Nigeria. Online sports betting and gambling sites require a license from the authority governing body to operate in Nigeria, i.e. the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. According to the official Parimatch site in Nigeria, the platform operates in the Country under the License (0001045) issued by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

To further prove Parimatch Nigeria legal status, the platform is also a member of the Association of Nigerian Bookmakers. With this license, the platform is permitted to operate across all federal states and cities of the Country. This makes Parimatch legal in Lagos, and Parimatch legal in Kano, amongst other cities and states in the country.

Now, betting and gambling platforms in Nigeria, both online and physical, are regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. According to the Lottery Commission, legal activities conducted by platforms such as Parimatch Nigeria, include sports betting, games (including spin games), and lottery.

As prescribed by the Lottery Commission, you can register and start using Parimatch today if you are 18 years and older.

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Is Parimatch legal in Lagos?

Parimatch is legal in Lagos. The betting site is licensed under the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, allowing it to operate anywhere in Nigeria.

Is Parimatch legal in Kano?

Parimatch is legal in Kano city and Kano state, as a whole. After all, the site is licensed to operate across the entire Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Parimatch App is Safe or Not?

The Parimatch app is certainly safe. Parimatch is amongst the most trusted online betting sites in the world, providing sports betting. In fact, it’s one of the best legal football betting app. Additionally, Parimatch allows you to play a wide range of online live games, including spins.

In addition to satisfying legal requirements in Nigeria, Parimatch employs its own standards and procedures to make it safe. All the activities of the site are regulated and fair, following automated computer-generated processes, so all your gambling is done fair.

So, when it comes to questions about this football legal betting app, such as is Parimatch app legal in Nigeria or is Parimatch app safe in Nigeria, the answer to both questions is yes. So, get your Parimatch app on your phone today and start winning big anywhere you want in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Is Parimatch a Scam?

No, Parimatch is not a scam. The betting site is legitimate and safe for anyone over 18 years old. First, Parimatch is licensed by Nigeria’s authority body in gambling, i.e. the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

Parimatch is also a trusted and well-known site that operates in several countries across the world, including many in Africa. Therefore, Parimatch is a legitimate company that carries out its obligations and pays out all the winnings to players, as ascribed on the official Parimatch site.

Is Parimatch a Fraud?

Parimatch is not a fraud. Parimatch is a legitimate online gambling company that operates in various countries across the world, including many countries in Africa. So, you should expect the company to carry out its obligations and make all legal and deserving payouts that you win when you win bets or games on the site.

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Is Parimatch Nigeria Safe?

Parimatch is Safe in Nigeria. This platform is not only safe but comes with great advantages over many other betting sites. Parimatch offers a wide selection of services you can benefit from. These include sports betting for horseback riding, basketball, baseball, basketball, motorsports, and football, amongst others.

In fact, Parimatch offers one of the best safe accumulator bets. In addition to sports betting, you can win and cash in big through other interesting activities on the bookmaker site, including games spins, live games, and TV games.  You can register at Parimatch today to find out what you can play to start cashing in big.

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Is Parimatch Withdrawal Safe?

Parimatch withdrawal is very safe. According to the Parimatch site, you can withdraw your winnings via a range of withdrawal methods. But the most common ones are Paystack and Opay. To do so, simply log into your Parimatch account and click on your personal account settings in the upper right section of the Menu, next to the Deposit button.

Click on Withdraw, and specify the withdrawal method and amount you wish to withdraw. Parimatch Nigeria doesn’t have a standard minimum or maximum withdrawal amount. It all depends on the payment method you choose. So, when asking yourself if Parimatch is safe or not, your answer should always be yes.


If you are looking for a legal online gambling platform in Nigeria, you can’t go wrong with Parimatch. Parimatch is legal in Nigeria and guarantees safety. The platform is licensed and regulated by Nigeria’s National Lottery Regulatory Commission and follows all the laws and regulations reinforced by the commission.

Further, Parimatch employs its own standards to ensure the platform is safe for users. Using the platform, you don’t have to worry about issues, such as fair play in sports betting or online spin games or withdrawing your wins.

Therefore, if you are a gambler in Nigeria, head over to the official site and register with Parimatch so you can start winning big anywhere you are in Nigeria.

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Can We Trust Parimatch?

Yes, Parimatch can be fully trusted. Parimatch is a legal and safe gambling site in Nigeria. The platform is licensed and regulated by Nigeria’s official regulatory body which ensures the site follows all the legal requirements to operate in the country.

Further, Parimatch also employs its own standards and procedures to ensure it is safe and fair to all its users. Today, Parimatch is one of the most trusted and reputable gambling sites in Nigeria.

Is Parimatch a trusted app?

Parimatch is a trusted app in Nigeria. An extension of the Parimatch site, the app is safe and trusted to download and use with your iOS or Android smartphone. With the trusted Parimatch app, you can bet and play online games anywhere you are in Nigeria as long as you have access to an internet connection.

Is Parimatch in Nigeria?

Parimatch is available in Nigeria. This trusted gambling and betting site is legally licensed and operating in Nigeria. You can access the platform on the main browser or a downloadable iOS or Android app to use on your smartphone.

With Parimatch Nigeria, you have access to countless sports betting opportunities and a myriad of online live games and spins games. Like any legit gambling site, you can expect to easily cash in when you win bets or games and conveniently withdraw your winnings easily.

Is Parimatch safe to use?

Parimatch is one of the safest online platform to use in Nigeria. In addition to being regulated by the official authority body, the platform employs its own standards and procedures to make the platform safe to use.

Currently, Parimatch operates in a wide range of countries in different continents, including Africa. The platform is not only well known, but it is legitimate and one of the safest in the online gambling world.

Is Parimatch legit?

Yes, Parimatch is legitimate. In Nigeria, operating a gambling or betting site without proper registration and licensing is illegal. Now, Parimatch is licensed and regulated by Nigeria’s National Lottery Regulatory Commission to make it a legitimate online gambling site in Nigeria. The platform also puts together measures to protect its users and ensure fair play and winning.

In addition to being available in Nigeria, you can bet on this platform using Nigerian currencies and withdraw your winnings via legal channels, including mobile payment wallets, bank cards, and E-wallets.

Is Parimatch a Scam?

No, Parimatch is not a scam. Parimatch is not only registered and licensed in Nigeria by a legal authority body, but it is also a reputable and well-trusted platform across different regions of the world. Parimatch even operates in various countries in Africa – so it is a well-known, legitimate online sports betting and gambling company.

Is Parimatch a Fraud?

Parimatch is not a fraud. In Nigeria, Parimatch is licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission and operates in the country legally. Parimatch also has a presence in various countries globally and operates in the same online setup.

Therefore, it is a well-known and highly reputed online betting site. In fact, Parimatch is considered by users from various regions, including Africa, to be one of the safest online gambling and sports betting platforms.

Can I withdraw money from Parimatch in Nigeria?

Yes, you can certainly withdraw money from Parimatch in Nigeria. Parimatch offers a pretty simple withdrawal process from the main browser or mobile app. Further, you can withdraw your funds into easily manageable local payment methods, such as Paystack and Opay.

To add an extra layer of safety for its users, Parimatch will request you provide documents to prove your identity during the withdrawal process. This is part of the simple 5-minute account verification process, and any valid ID, such as a voter's card, passport, or driver's license is acceptable.

How long does withdrawal from Parimatch take?

Depending on the withdrawal method, it takes anywhere between 24 hours to 48 hours to withdraw funds from Parimatch in Nigeria. The two most common payment methods are Paystack and Opay. But, you are advised to reach out to customer support for further assistance if you don’t receive your funds within 48 hours.

How do I withdraw from Parimatch in Nigeria?

To withdraw money from Parimatch Nigeria, log into your Parimatch account and head to the personal account settings menu. You will find this menu in the upper right corner near the Deposit button. On the personal account settings menu, choose Withdraw, then, specify the payment method, and the amount you want to withdraw.

You will then follow the instructions on the screen to successfully complete the withdrawal task. Remember, however, when using Parimatch in Nigeria, you have to use the same payment method for deposits and withdrawals. The platform doesn’t allow different payment methods for deposits and withdrawals.