If you decide to go into professional betting, you should study the field of betting from A to Z and learn to distinguish between different types of bets. You can't make money without basic knowledge of them.

Win Draw Win (or 1X2) is the most popular type of football bet worldwide, including in Nigeria, which many people use without noticing. Today’s article is going to be useful for many betting beginners.

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What Is a Win Draw Win Bet?

Win Draw Win bet is placed on 3 types of soccer match outcomes. It is a type of bet based on the victory of an away team, home team, or draw (usually marked as a 1X2 bet). The bet is only valid for 90 minutes. This means that penalties and extra halves do not take into account. Thus, the winner of the match, who won through such methods, will not bring you any benefits or payouts.


3-way betting example



We can give you an example for best understanding the Win Draw Win meaning. Liverpool is playing against Aston Villa. You will lose if you bet on Aston Villa and the match ends with Liverpool’s winning or a draw. If Aston Villa gets a win through penalties, you also will lose. Aston Villa’s pure win will bring you the winnings!

In fact, Win Draw Win is a classic type of bet, and many people do it without even knowing it. This type of bet has characteristics and tricks that can be used for good. It is not difficult to win with Win Draw Win prediction bets if you know well the history of both teams and the number of their wins.

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What Makes Win Draw Win Bets So Popular?

There is an exhaustive list of reasons why Win Draw Win bets are so popular. We can give you several examples of the most important of them.

Easy rules

Win Draw Win bet is considered the easiest way to wager on a match. Using a Win Draw Win increases your chances of winning because you only have 3 options: home team win, away team, and draw. This type of betting is suitable for beginners in the world of betting.

Lucrative odds

Each outcome has a particular stake, and since the chances of winning are very high, you can easily make money on attractive odds.

Suitable for beginners

Since Win Draw Win has simple and clear rules and a minimal chance of losing, beginners who place their first bets can not be afraid of losing money. This is the entry fee to their betting career.

Easy to make predictions

Moreover, it is much easier to predict the outcome because only 90 minutes of play are counted, and a penalty that brings a 50/50 victory is not considered. We can rely on knowledge of the team's skills. Of course, before wagering on a match, we study each team's history so as not to lose money.

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Tips on Placing Win Draw Win Bets

The Win Draw Win type of bet has specific tips to help you increase your chances of success. Take a look below!

Explore both teams

Luck is good, of course, but to increase your chances of a successful outcome, you should study the information about the two teams. Find out the number of their victories, history, and rating. The match's location has a huge impact, as the away team may feel uncomfortable with the new environment or accommodation. This is a psychological factor.

Listen to experts’ opinions

If you are a beginner making the Win Draw Win prediction for the first time, we advise you to listen to the opinion of advanced experts and make your predictions based on them. They know more about football teams and can help you.

Start with small deposits

If you make a Win Draw Win bet for the first time, you should start with small deposits so as not to lose money. Moreover, you can understand the system of Win Draw Win better and get valuable experience.


At Parimatch, we have continually introduced new features, games, and bets for 28 years to diversify the betting life of our players. Win Draw Win (or 1X2 bet) is one of the most popular bet types. We are a reliable platform with impressive experience in the market. Choosing us for betting, you can't go wrong.

By the way, our online betting platform is compatible with various types of devices – from regular desktops to smartphones. It means you can bet on your favorites 24/7, even on the way. Make the Win Draw Win bet and watch your favorite sports events at any convenient time and location!

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